Barcelona Independent Film Festival: The Latin Top 5

Must-attend event for the moviegoers in Barcelona during the next few weeks. Between April 21st and May 1st, the sixth edition of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival will take place in the Catalan city. The boldest and most personal proposals will be screened; some, with established directors and well-known names on them; others, still to be premiered. Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t will attend the Festival to bring you the latest news and reviews about the Latin industry. For now, these are the movies with Latin presence that we will have the chance to see during the next few days in Barcelona:

Chronic (Michel Franco) – Mexico and France

For the first time, Michel Franco leaves his country to shoot a very personal movie with first-rate actors Tim Roth and Betsie Tulloch. Daniel is a nurse who takes care of terminally ill patients while trying to work things out with his own family. As a backdrop, an essential question: Who takes care of the caregiver when he is in need?

Las plantas (Roberto Doveris) – Chile 

The only fully Chilean production featured at the Festival tells us the story of Florencia, a teenager who will have to take care of his brother, who is in a vegetative state, when their mother is admitted into a hospital. As part of their new routine, she reads him a story, Las plantas (“The plants”). Did you know that the plats’ souls take human bodies on full moon nights? Florencia will learn about this while exploring her own sexuality by meeting people on the Internet. The movie has all the ingredients to become a psycothriller that will haunt the viewer until days after leaving the movie theatre.

Nasty Baby (Sebastián Silva) – U.S

The Chilean director of this North-American production, Sebastian Silva, gives life to a video artist based in the most suburban New York who is trying to have a child with his boyfriend and his female best friend. While trying to bring their child into this world, not without trouble, this unbreakable trident will have to face a neighborhood conflict that will make things even harder for them.

Neon Bull (Gabriel Mascaro) –Brazil, Uruguay and the Netherlands

Famous Brazilian vaquejadas are the perfect backdrop for this film. In this road movie, our cowboy travels the entire country in the good company of his itinerant family: a friend, a club dancer and his daughter. Just in case you are not convinced yet, our hero’s dream is to work in the fashion industry, dream for which he will be fighting every minute he is off the rodeo.

Te prometo la anarquía (Julio Hernández Cordón) – Mexico. 

Some have said that Guatemalan director Julio Hernández Cordón promised anarchy, and that’s what he gave us. This movie features the work of non-experienced actors who provide the film with a realism as necessary as uncommon. Miguel and Johnny are lifelong friends. And lovers. And, on top of that, they’re blood dealers. Business goes well until they get into a transaction that’s too large for them. They will then discover how expensive it is to make a mistake in the real world and the current Mexico.

Already in its sixth edition, the Barcelona Independent Film Festival has become one of the most important events for moviegoers in the city. In this edition, 70 movies will be screened, with a special role of Spanish and French cinema. You can browse the program here. Don’t miss our live coverage on Facebook and Twitter.

Article published on the Spanish site of Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t on April 21st, 2016. Original article in Spanish: